Oceanfront Lodging, Private Beaches & Gardens

Casa Rubio, surrounded by lush gardens of exotic plants, with access to secluded beaches, is a haven of rest and relaxation. We offer four accommodations each only a minute walk from the waters of the Pacific. The sounds of crashing waves will enrich your spirit. Come experience the serenity of Casa Rubio.

This oceanfront lodging is located on the Pelican Bay, named for the pelicans that return every year to glide with the waves and gather on Pelican Rock. The bay forms at the mouth of the Winchuk River, which marks the California-Oregon border. In addition to seals, otters and seagulls, the pelicans share the bay with whale-watchers, fishermen and surfers.

Oddly, all this activity does not in the least disrupt the sense of serene seclusion the bay embodies. During a long walk on the beach, you may find your reveries interrupted only by the call of a seagull, the smile of an occasional stranger also out for a walk, or the reach of a particularly ambitious wave clambering up the sand.